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BillyBob is an Art Team

    BillyBob is an art team consisting of Bill Coil and Bob Green. We create our works together, and they therefore represent a blending of two esthetics, a tension between iconography and formalism, depiction and abstraction, which exists as equally within each artist as between them. The dialectic is both interpersonal and internal, and brings a lot of movement and alternation to the look of the images produced. 

    The rapid evolution and alternation of styles has revealed a consistency during the course of this now four year project: these works are largely about the placement of color and form, regardless of subject, sentimentality or narrative, all of which may be present at times. We do not know where we are going, but aim to make all authentic gestures, pandering neither to the market nor to ourselves. We are having a tremendous lot of fun making these pictures. 

    Collective training includes Karamu Arts, in Cleveland, textile design in New York, study/mentorship  with Ion Theodore, Paul Aschenbach, Nancy Low, Wes Disney. For forty+ years we have lived and worked together, and have made buildings, stoneworks, gardens, music CD’s, album and book covers, mosaics, and, currently, collaboratively done paintings.

    Exhibits: 2014 and 2015 Art Hops, Buirlington, VT installation at the Innovation Center, Burlington, VT since 2014, Solo show, "Confluency: Sixty Paintings by the Art Team BillyBob" at VCAM/RETN in Burlington, VT, June through August 2016; use of our painting, “Heart of Starksboro” as cover art for YA novel, You Can’t Lock up the Moon [Sharyl Green, Verdant Press, 2015]. Our work hangs in private collections in Hawaii, California, Massachusetts, Maryland, Vermont, Rhode Island and Georgia.
Newest Work
We are currently (2017) staying in Montreal for the winter, to enjhoy the beauty and stimulation of this environment, as well as to see the plentiful public and museum art, and  experience the extraordinary cultural vibrancy of this city. Not having a studio to paint in with our usual messy spray, oil and acrylic paints, we have switched to small-format watercolor and gouache. For unknown reasons, this switch resulted in a complete transformation of the look and form of what we create, examples of which are on this page below. The "Recent Work" page contains a selection of works from 2013 until just before this latest shift.
"Because We are not Formalists"           watercolor 8' x 10'
"Montreal Stoops"                              watercolor 8" x 10"
"Not that There's Anything Wrong with Formalism"              1.23.2017 watercolor . 9" x 12"  
"Part of a Similar Universe"                               1.22.2017 watercolor 8" x 10"
  "Saint-Urbain"                                                                    gouache & watercolor 9"x12"
  "Metro"                         gouache & watercolor 9"x12"
"Have No Fear"                                                                 gouache & watercolor 9"x12"
"Bienvenue à entre dans"                                                   gouache & watercolor 9"x12"
"Tous les Bâtiments sont sacré"                                            gouache & watercolor 9"x12" 
"There's a Lotta Vibes up on Mont-Royal"          watercolor 7"x10"
"Montréal vieux et nouveau"                                                                    sharpie 9"x12"    
"Saint-André"                                                      watercolor 9"x12"